Tube Explorer User Manual - Gathering Favorites Videos

For Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Browse, search, watch, download and convert videos from YouTube, Yahoo Video, Google Video and more Websites.

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To gathering favorites videos from multiple sites, do one of following:

Select one or more video(s) in Video Browser window, then click button in the toolbar.
Select one or more video(s) in Video Browser window, then right click and select Add To My Favorites in popup menu.
Click button in Video Player pane if the video is in playing.

Then you can switch to My Favorites manager window to check your favorites videos.

Manage favorites videos:

You can manage your favorites videos in My Favorites video manager window.

Sort videos:

Click a column header. An arrow appears, indicating the sort direction.
Click the column header again to change the sort direction.

Delete video files:

Select videos then click button in toolbar or right click then select Delete in popup menu.

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