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To convert videos automatically when downloading:

Select main menu->File->Options, and click Converting in left tree view, then check Auto convert after download:


Target Folder: Change the target folder that you want store the converted videos.

Keep Original File: Check to let Tube Explorer keep the original FLV video, otherwise, Tube Explorer will delete the original FLV video after convert completed.


Profile: Select a predefined profile with recommended video & audio settings.

Video Setting:

Video Codec: Select an output video encode codec.

Resolution: Define the output video frame width and height.

Bitrate (kbps): Set the output video quality, it will impact the output file size.

Frame rate: Set the output video frame rate.

Audio Setting:

Audio Codec: Select an output audio encode codec.

Channel: Set the output audio channels: mono or stereo. The AMR_NB audio codec only support mono.

Bitrate(kbps): Set the output audio quality, it will impact the output file size.

Sample Rate(Hz): Set the output audio resample rate.

Volume(%): Change the output audio volume.

To convert videos that already downloaded:

Switch to Downloaded Videos Manager window, select videos that you want convert, then press button in toolbar of Downloaded Videos Manager window or right click and select Convert in popup menu, Tube Explorer will popup a video converter window:

Select an item and click Up/Down button in toolbar to change order.

Select an item and click button in toolbar or double click an item to trim video:

Press button in toolbar to start convert.

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