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After 14 days free trial expired, You may purchase Tube Explorer securely online or by postal mail or fax. The price for registration is US$ 34.95.



In order to receive your registration information, you must provide your email address correctly.

You can purchase the software using several different methods:


Credit card online.
You can also purchase by Check, Bank/Wire Transfer or Cash, Just follow the order link,you can choose payment method in the drop-down list.

Please follow the steps bellow to register your copy.

Please copy & paste user name and registration code do not type them manually.

How to copy and paste?


1.Click on main menu->Help->Register...

2.Copy and Paste registration name and registration code come with the email from us. Please make sure that there are no spaces or other invisible characters at the beginning or end of your registration name and registration code.

3.Press"Register" button. If you enter correct registration name and registration code, the program will show you "Thanks for registering".

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