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Browse, search, watch, download and convert videos from YouTube, Yahoo Video, Google Video and more Websites.

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Tube Explorer is fast, easy to use, and fun. It eliminates most of the frustrations of watching videos on the Internet.

With Tube Explorer, it's simple to:

• Browse, search, and watch videos from multiple web sites, all from within one simple interface.

• Metasearch feature, Enter search criteria once and Tube Explorer will search video from multiple sites and aggregates the results for browse easily.

• Enjoy just your videos. Unlike other video watching software, Tube Explorer requires no browser plug-ins, presents you with no advertisements, and doesn't clutter your screen with useless information. It simply serves up the videos that you want to watch.

• Download videos to your computer, and play them when you want to see them.

• Convert your downloaded videos so you can play them on your mobile phone, smart phone, iPod, PSP, DVD player, iPhone, or other device.

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Tube Explorer Screenshots
Watch demo video and screenshots, see how Tube Explorer can make it easier to enjoy videos!

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